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Camerata in the Castle

Saturday 18th February 7.30pm @ Castle, Skipton

Brandenberg Concerto No 3
Divertimento in F

Skipton Building Society Camerata

New Angles
a few minutes to learn

Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos were presented to Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt in 1721 and were immediately recognized as the masterpieces of Baroque orchestral writing that they definitely were. The third concerto epitomises the highly ornate and florid style that is typical of the era. By this time in his career Bach was firmly established as a musician the next two composers in tonight’s programme were just making their way.

In 1772 the 15-year-old Mozart had returned to Salzburg from Milan and the young composer found his home town ever more provincial compared to the cosmopolitan Italian city. Mozart’s responded to this by writing his Divertimento in F, a work that uses the contemporary galant style and shines with the energy and clarity that contrasted with the elaborate and, in Mozart’s view, old fashioned and stifling atmosphere of Salzburg.

Another composer on the cusp of greatness was Felix Mendelssohn whose 1825 work, the Octet for strings, announced his graduation from talented prodigy to an established composer with an international future.

As part of our New Angles programme this concert will be presented cabaret style with the audience seated around tables and enjoying drinks and canapes throughout the performance.

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