Dance of the Furies

Music from the Sturm und Drang

  • Sat, 21 Mar 2020, 7:30 pm

Christ Church, Skipton

Gluck Dance of the Furies ('Orpheus and Eurydice')
Gluck Aria: Che faro senza Euridice ('Orpheus and Eurydice') 
Mozart Concert aria: 'Ah, lo previdi'
Haydn Symphony No 59 in A 'Fire'
JC Bach Symphony in G minor
JC Bach Aria: 'Ebben si vada'|Boccherini Symphony in D minor 'La casa del diavolo'

Charlotte Hoather soprano
Skipton Building Society Camerata
Ben Crick conductor

3 songs, 3 symphonies and a devilish dance

A concert of passion and romance features music influenced by the Sturm und Drang ('storm and stress') literary movement that swept through Germany in the 1760s and '70s.

Sparks fly from the start with Gluck's passionate 'Dance of the Furies' from his opera Orpheus and Eurydice, the story of a musician's descent into the underworld to rescue his wife. Italian composer, Luigi Boccherini so admired Gluck's 'Dance of the Furies' that he 'borrowed' it for the last part of his short but dazzlingly virtuosic symphony entitled 'The House of the Devil' which ends the concert.

The famous lament from Gluck's opera, 'What shall I do without Euridice?' (because he only went and lost her again), is sung by talented soprano Charlotte Hoather, who also sings music by JC Bach (son of the more famous JS Bach) and Mozart. Charlotte has written on her blog about the joy she's had in translating and researching Mozart's aria.

Haydn's 'Fire Symphony' (so fiery Haydn also used the music for a play called The Conflagration) and a passionately charged symphony by JC Bach complete what should be a blazing evening.

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