Lockdown Diaries: What's Your Story?

12 Aug 2020

flautist playing at a window

Do you have an interesting lockdown experience you'd like to share?

This autumn we're making a series of short films with music. Each will tell a story - your story - describing life under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. To do this, therefore, we need you to send us your stories.

How was it for you under lockdown? Was there was a difficulty you experienced, or an act of kindness you witnessed? Your story could be something you did or that happened to you, or it could be something you witnessed which affected you. It could be poignant, or celebratory, or simply funny - something that took place over months or happened in an instant. Whether you are young or old, a key-worker or now out of work, whether you were locked down in a high-rise flat or in a Dales farmhouse, we want to hear from you.

Watch artistic director Ben Crick's video about the project:


We will make a series of short films. This will be a collaborative project combining the Camerata?s musical virtuosity with the theatrical mastery and technical wizardry of our project partners. We will use actors to narrate the selected stories and we are commissioning a variety of talented composers to write music inspired by the stories. The finished films will be available to watch online in November 2020.

All we need now are your stories - about 500 words. If you've already kept a diary - great! If not, write it down now. Don't worry if you haven't written much before, it's your personal experience and viewpoint we're interested in. So if you have a tale to tell, please use link below to submit it. The deadline for submitting stories is 9 am on Monday 7 September.

Please note: The deadline for submitting stories has now passed.

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9 Sep 2020, 13:32

How very exciting!

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